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Last modified: March 12, 2010

You can easily and efficiently add different types of collections information to the Culture Grid to benefit from:

  • more exposure for you and your collections
  • better join up of your collections information with other relevant information and services
  • greater value and impact for the investments you and funders make in your collections information

Collections information that can be added includes:

  • information about items in collections (referencing images, video, audio or other material about the items in your collections)
  • information about collections as a whole (their scope and significance)
  • information about collecting organisations (contact and access details)

All collecting organisations and projects are invited to add collections information to the Culture Grid and contribute to the development of the service overall.

Contribution is particularly welcome from funded programmes, projects and schemes such as Renaissance, Designation, Accreditation and Recognition; and for Heritage Lottery Fund projects or projects aligned to Europeana, the European cultural portal.

The first step to add collections information to the Culture Grid is to tell us about collections information you wish to add.  We shall then get back to you to discuss options and next steps.

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