Culture Grid

Terms of Use

Last modified: June 17, 2013

Terms of use for Adding to Culture Grid

There is no transfer of ownership in rights through contributing records or any media files to the Culture Grid.

Instead contributors are asked to licence material, for example using Creative Commons Licensing or other licensing frameworks and record rights information within records so that viewers and users of records are aware of the rights governing material in collections.

Records (metadata) submitted to the Culture Grid should by be made available under an Open Licence, such as the Open Government Licence, so that they may be openly re-used to support the widest possible discovery and use of collections.

Any media files refereed to within records, or hosted by the Culture Grid should also be made available under an Open Licence wherever possible e.g. for works that are out of copyright. If third party rights do not allow for open use, then another appropriate licence should be applied and included in metadata records, so that users are aware of the rights status and usage terms of media files and collection-objects.

Terms of Use for adding to Europeana via Culture Grid

All records provided by Culture Grid to Europeana are govenerned by the terms of a Data Exchange Agreement between Collections Trust and Europeana (  This agreement permits open use of all metadata provided to Europeana via Culture Grid.  Data in Europeana is also subject to the Europeana Data Use Guidelines (, which supports attribution of contributors to Europeana.

Contributors to Culture Grid wishing to be included in Europeana thus need to notify Collections Trust that they agree with the Europeana Data Exchange Agreement and Use Guidelines.

(For a full introduction to Creative Commons licensing and tools to generate appropriate CC licences for materials see: