Culture Grid

How to Use

Last modified: May 26, 2010

You can use the unique range of collections information within the Culture Grid to reach new audiences with great new services.

New services could be created for people to:

  • find local museums, libraries or archives to visit
  • know what collections there are in a region for local and family history, hobbies or a school, university or work project etc
  • know what museum objects there are about favourite stories, films, sports teams or holiday destinations etc

In fact, if you can think of a use for collections information, then someone somewhere can probably make something that works for you, but only if they can easily access the full range of information they need and that is where the Culture Grid comes in, because it offers easier access to a unique range of UK collections information.

New services can be made in a number of ways including:

  • simply presenting Culture Grid searches in web pages about a particular topic or for a particular audience by using the Culture Grid Search Box Builder
  • mixing collections information with other information services to more creatively present the wonders within collections to new audiences, using the Culture Grid API, which is openly available for non-commercial use. Download a pdf about the Culture Grid API

Benefits for people using collections information from the Culture Grid include:

  • getting a unique range of collections information from a single source for free for non commercial use
  • getting collections information in different standards based ways to meet different needs
  • getting collections information so that it can be easily joined up with other types of information services for different audiences

For more further information on how to use collections information from the Culture Grid please contact us.